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SLC Plumbing Company Offers Pointers When Cleaning Drains in the Winter and Fall

Stallion Plumbing and Drains, a Salt Lake City-based local business providing superior plumber services from Park City to Toole, has been busy providing pointers when cleaning drains in the winter and fall, informing its customers that the risk of clogged drains increases with more debris falling during these seasons.

When leaves on the trees are starting to change their colors and the amount of rainfall slowly begins to drop, the time has come, say Stallion representatives, to do all the maintenance chores that were postponed all summer.

“Drain cleaning is best done in the fall to avoid complications during winter or unpleasant surprises at the start of spring,” explains Alex Sibilla, owner of Stallion Plumbing and Drains. “The chances of sewer backups increase when drains are not cleaned at this time of the year, and this is something we’ve been stressing to our loyal customers.

“From more debris falling during fall and winter and preventing trouble after Halloween to preparing for upcoming winter activities, professional plumbers are needed to clean pipes as we move into autumn.”

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According to Sibilla and other senior Stallion plumbing services specialists, the potential for yard waste to build up inside the drains is highest in autumn, when trees shed their leaves – as more leaves, twigs and dirt find their way into the drains, the risk that they will block a drain is increased. Further, if the water table rises during this time and the drain is not clean, says Sibilla, homeowners could find themselves dealing with a sewer backup, and the cost of fixing the damage caused by this backup is massive compared to what it would cost to simply clear the drains.

“There’s also the Halloween factor to consider,” adds Sibilla. “Indeed, this is something we’re constantly called out to handle, as the fleshy insides of pumpkins, sticky Halloween candies and holiday baking ingredients are just a few of the items that make their way into drains during the spookiest time of year. Drains are not equipped to handle this kind of trash, and as such, not even Thanksgiving is immune from contributing to the problem what with all the waste that goes down drains.

“All that debris needs to be removed before the onset of winter.”

As winter approaches, many homeowners find that their shower, sinks and toilet drains are slower, a result of accumulated debris from the yard, Halloween and Thanksgiving, and to that end, Stallion representatives stress that more significant issues may pop up if something isn’t done to resolve the issue. What’s more, trees alter their behavior around the fall season as they turn their attention to sources within the soil for nourishment; one of the places they are likely to turn, says Sibilla, is a sewer line, and if a line is clogged, it increases the chances of leaks and the possibility of tree roots finding their way into the pipe.

“It is also practical to clean drains during autumn months,” concludes Sibilla. “For one thing, it is back-to-school season, the home is quieter and the kids are less likely to get in the way of a plumber. Also, the groundwater level at this time is optimum for drain cleaning in that there’s a lower risk of soil being washed into the drain.

“Finally, most businesses are winding down for the year, and the drains can be cleaned in preparation for next year’s activities.”

In addition to superior drain cleaning, Stallion Plumbing and Drains offers general plumbing services, sewer line repair, general plumbing repair, rooter service, water heater repair and sewer camera inspections.

Stallion Plumbing and Drains is located at 4956 West 6200 South #304 in Salt Lake City and can be reached by calling (801) 797-1090. For more information visit their website linked above.

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