Laurie Borg is a content marketing, social media, and communications strategist and writer. She works in for the last two years. Her work has appeared in sports and the environment. Laurie has also been a swimsuit designer. A former admissions committee member for the Bread Loaf Writer’s Conference, she earned an MFA in Fiction from the University of Florida, and now lives in Brooklyn.
Earth & Climate

Stanford scientist uncovers the impact of global warming on extreme weather occasions has been often underestimated

A new Stanford study uncovers that a common scientific methodology of anticipating the probability of future extraordinary weather occasions by examining how as often as possible they happened in the past can lead to significant underestimates – with conceivably huge ramifications for individuals’ lives. Stanford climate researcher Noah Diffenbaugh found that expectations that depended uniquely […]

Science & Society

Google algorithm shows a robot how to walk in insignificant hours

A new robot has beaten a fundamental challenge of locomotion by showing itself how to walk. Scientists from Google created algorithms that helped the four-legged bot to learn how to walk over a range of surfaces within only hours of practice, demolishing the record times set by its human overlords. Their system uses deep fortification […]

Earth & Climate

Seawalls may not secure against rising sea levels

Bernard Ryan indicated News 6 his hurricane confirmation home that sits right along A1A in Flagler Beach. “The reason we moved here was to get away from the hurricanes in Louisiana,” he said. Ryan has been fortunate up until this point and possibly lost a few shingles during Hurricane Matthew when the rushing waters cleared […]

Earth & Climate

Massive asteroid ‘could be perilous to life on Earth’ on the off chance that it separates

A monstrous mile-long double asteroid connected to a one-inch meteor that streaked a fireball over Japan three years prior could compromise humanity in a great many years on the off chance that it eventually separates, researchers wrote in a report published Monday. “The potential breakup of the rock could be dangerous to life on Earth,” […]

Computers & Math

Pioneering tool to oversee the media industry’s digital carbon footprint

A collaboration between PC researchers at the University of Bristol and nine significant media organizations, including ITV and BBC, will help the media industry comprehend and deal with the critical carbon effects of digital content. The year collaboration, encouraged by sustainability specialists, Carnstone, will see University of Bristol analysts working with sustainability and innovation groups […]

Computers & Math

Research to make (fun) multi-player gaming an educational experience

A new video game system unites two well-studied ways to deal with educational software so as to keep numerous players charmed in the learning experience while encouraging coordinated effort and problem-solving. The system is one of the first to integrate narrative-centered learning and cooperative learning procedures, laying the basis for future endeavors in the field. […]

Business & Industry

Apple’s made sense of a way people can purchase all the new, shiny, costly things – obligation

As Apple products get progressively costly, selling them gets more enthusiastically. Apple is wanting to make things somewhat simpler for Apple Card clients who wouldn’t fret venturing into the debt to get their hands on the most recent shiny thing. During yesterday’s earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook uncovered how the organization intends to make […]

Business & Industry

Facebook open for Libra project to currency-pegged stablecoins

Facebook Inc (FB.O), confronting developing skepticism about its digital currency project Libra, on Sunday said the initiative could utilize cryptocurrencies dependent on national currencies, for example, the dollar, rather than the synthetic one it at first proposed. David Marcus, who heads the Libra project for Facebook, told a banking seminar the group’s main goal stayed […]